Intravenous Ingredients, Reformulated to Drink.

banana bag oral solution IV saline

A Vitamin and Electrolyte solution offering therapeutic results ...without the needle.

Banana Bag Oral Solution (BBOS) is an ORAL alternative to IV dehydration and vitamin therapy. It's clinically proven to deliver therapeutic results for those who desire more than what typical electrolyte solutions and sports drinks can offer.


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Recommended by Healthcare Professionals


“I created the Banana Bag Oral Solution to provide a reliable and effective means of oral hydration and vitamin supplementation comparable to that of vitamin infused IV fluids used in emergency rooms and hydration clinics. Dehydration induced by diarrhea/vomiting, extended air travel, scorching hot climates, alcohol use, exhaustion... many causes, on top of poor dietary Intake and/or certain kinds of chronic health conditions is a serious situation and can turn critical if IV access is not available. Therapeutically formulated using only functional ingredients to deliver vitamins and treat dehydration by mouth instead of IV, the Banana Bag Oral Solution can deliver vital electrolytes,water, and vitamins back into the bloodstream when you need it most... but without the needle.”

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