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Dissolve the contents of one packet into 8 - 16 ounces of water and drink once daily as needed for dehydration and/or vitamin supplementation.

One single-use packet contains:

  • Sodium: 410 mg
  • Potassium: 120 mg
  • Chloride: 780 mg
  • Dextrose: 3.7 grams
  • Vitamin C: 750 mg
  • Vitamin B-Complex*
  • Mild Organic Lemon-Lime flavor, however, this will not NOT taste sweet in any way.
  • No artificial or non-caloric sweeteners | No preservatives | No dyes | No artificial flavors | No GMOs | No gluten

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1284 reviews
    Misty Johnson (Indianapolis, US)
    Lifesaver for Chronic Illness

    I’ve used and recommended Banana Bag for years for my multiple chronic illnesses. In the summer time, even going grocery shopping can dehydrate me. These make sure I’m not out for the count for several days after. I do wish they were more affordable and I like the suggestion another review had about a tub and scoop for those of us that use this more frequently, to maybe help keep costs down. Thank you for making such a wonderful product that helps improve my quality of life!

    Paula B (Hoffman Estates, US)
    Staple in our home.-POTS

    We have POTS and Syncope or fainting issues in our family. We use this product every week along with other products to prevent emergency room visits. Also to recover from ER visits that were not preventable. It is something we use when our bodies are fighting a cold/flu any illness. It helps with dehydration and electrolytes. I have suggested this product to many people who have been referred to me for POTS advice. This is a product Everyone should carry especially if you travel. If you don’t like the taste we tell people to mix it with a lemonade or pink lemonade powder pack. We keep these in our cars/home/purses/backpacks

    Alana (Ithaca, US)
    Amazing for POTS!!

    After trying countless hydration drinks (liquid IV, LMNT, Gatorade, nuun, etc), this is by far the best drink for managing my POTS symptoms!! The taste is okay, not sweet at all - but that’s the key, having an optimal sugar to electrolyte ratio for optimal hydration and absorption!! I’m currently on actual IV bags 3x per week for my POTS, and this drink has given me hope that I can wean off of the IV bags one day and get my port out!! Seriously, give this drink a shot, you won’t be disappointed by the results :)

    Stephanie Wheeler (Elk Grove, US)
    Awesome as always

    Always a perfect order and delivery. With an extra surprise this last time having the box wrapped like a gift. Thank you!

    Stephanie B. (Peoria, US)
    The perfect hydration solution

    My husband and I live in the the brutally hot temperatures of the Arizona desert. He works with no air conditioning and I do yardwork in the high temps.
    This is the ONLY product that keeps us perfectly hydrated. No other sports drink can compare. Within 15 minutes of drinking, we feel much better. I highly recommend BBOS for anyone that sweats!

    Ella (Arlington, US)
    5 stars! Flavor & Effectivenness & Easy

    I feel so much better after taking this stuff. The flavor is … different… I like the flavor … maybe not sweet enough for some people but they should add a bit of stevia sweetener. Especially since this stuff can give you your life back. I have vasovagal syncope ( neuro cardiogenic syncope) and before Banana Bag O.S. I couldn’t have a life, doing anything was a struggle. This stuff is a game changer for the better for me.

    klfnd96 (Cathedral City, US)
    Helps my dehydration in the desert

    I live in the desert and have several autoimmune diseases which cause dehydration/low blood volume, and I tend to pass out when I stand up. Along with adding salt to my diet, drinking one or two banana bag solution drinks per day has helped me regulate my fluids and prevent having to get weekly IV treatments. (Much better than Gatorade which almost gave me diabetes).

    Very Effective

    I am a heavy exertional sweater and dehydrate easily. Even if I’m drinking water I end up feeling bad by the end of the day. Recently we were smacked by Hurricane Ian and I had a ton of cleanup to do outside. I drank a water bottle with a BBoS in it every morning and did not have that run-down feeling later in the day. It definitely works. As a side note, I’ve found it helps lessen or prevent some of the feelings associated with a hangover, as well! Good stuff.

    Christine Dear (Denton, US)

    Banana Bag Oral Solution, Unsweetened Lemon-Lime

    Amy Frago (Sainte Genevieve, US)
    Game changer!

    My daughter has POTS and EDS. Banana Bags keep her hydrated and we can avoid trips to the ER for i.v. bags!

    Customer Reviews

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