Banana Bag Oral Solution: Vitamin and Electrolyte Supplement

The Emergency Room IV solution for dehydration and vitamin deficiency... now formulated as an oral solution to drink.



Designed for Fast and Efficient absorption of Electrolytes and Vitamins by mouth, the Banana Bag Oral Solution provides Convenient and Dependable relief from Fatigue and Dehydration due to: 


athletic performance
air travel
chronic illness
alcohol consumption
extreme work environments
the 14-hour work day
and so much more...



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    Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation: Our Mission is to heighten public awareness about dysautonomia, to offer communal support for those affected via social media, and to elicit financial support and resources for research of treatments for dysautonomia and, ultimately, a cure. #TEAMDAF




    DINET (Dysautonomia Information Network) is a non-profit organization focused on educating patients and physicians on the various disorders of the autonomic nervous system. DINET serves its community through its patient-based support forum, its physician database geared to help patients find specialists in their area, and by spreading awareness of up to date medical research and advances in its field.