• Sold in display boxes carrying 30 packets per box
  • One display box: $45.00 ($1.50/packet)
  • MSRP: $3.00 - $3.99 per packet
  • Minimum order quantity: 3 boxes
  • Also included is information on the product that you can display for consumer education


One powder packet contains:

- 410 mg of sodium

- 780 mg of chloride

- 120 mg of potassium

- High dose B-complex

- 750 mg of vitamin-C

- 3.7 grams of dextrose (d-glucose)



DISCLAIMER: By strictly adhering to World Health Organization dehydration treatment guidelines, the flavor of this product is not sweet. There are no inactive ingredients such as artificial flavors or sweeteners, no unneeded sugars, no stevia, etc... It is a healthy, uncompromising formula of electrolytes and vitamins designed for older teens and adults who desire more than what pediatric electrolyte solutions and sports drinks can offer.


    What our customers have to say... 

    "This is a very nice thing to have in your toolkit for dealing with POTS, migraine recovery, and other causes of dehydration. It's a good change sometimes from my usual ORS (typically Normalyte or Pedialyte) when I need a little extra vitamin boost when I'm not able to eat well (just simple carbs)." - Donna H.

    "I love this product! Finally something actually works. I had an ileostomy, then reversed with a "J Pouch" procedure. Frequent bowel movements left me constantly dehydrated, with a pounding headache - thanks to Banana Bag - not any more. One bag a day, and I'm good to go - haven't felt this good in five years! Best stuff out there!" - Frank Fasano

    "I have Crohn’s Disease and Gastroparesis and have trouble keeping hydrated and Banana Bag helps tremendously!" - Wendy Banks

    "I have chronic kidney disease, and never feel hydrated. I discussed with my Kidney doctor and she said go for it. This stuff tastes like a salty tangy Gatorade. Not an amazing flavor, but ice cold water helps alot! I take one of these a day in approx 16 oz of cold water. Summers are usually really tough for me, sweating and just being hot. This summer I had no overheating issues, and I live in New Mexico. My lab work did not change, which is great, and I had nothing new elevated. My hair and nails have started growing much better, and I feel so much better. May not be for everyone, but you honestly never catch me without one on hand." - Samantha

    "I purchased these to put on a rehab truck for our fire department. We have had the opportunity to use several on different occasion and I can ensure you they have worked for us and it will be an item that we do not run out of." - Jarod Mills

    "I ordered this to try and help with hangovers. I’ve only had one since I ordered a few weeks ago. I used it and it was 95% relief vs Gatorade, Pedialyte..etc. Today I was especially dehydrated from taking a pill for excess fluid and like a dummy I got out in the heat to break up my front porch that needed repaired with a sledgehammer. After an hour or so of hard work I got dizzy, with a headache and fatigue. I went straight for the Banana Bag. I mixed it and chugged it down. Honestly within 2 minutes I felt way better. 5-10 minutes later it was like nothing ever happened. This is a great product!" - Chris Roberts

    "As a chronic migraine sufferer this has been a life saver!! Typically when I suffer a migraine it lasts 2 days and sometimes I can’t eat or drink for 12 hours at a time. That coupled with “migraine hangover” and it’s usually another another day of recovery after the migraine passes. With banana bag I can start to feel well enough to start functioning in half the time it usually takes!" - Laura Neff

    "My stomach is so sensitive that plain water upsets it. Same with one swallow of the strong vitamin tasting Banana Bag Drink so I dumped the rest in the sink. I have Ehlers Danlos along with other chronic joint, muscle and nerve pain and stomach issues. I stay dehydrated because I can’t drink enough water. Desperate to rid myself of the burning nerve and muscle pain that was ruining my life, I decided to try an experiment by mixing the B.B. with some powdered effervescent flavor to give it better taste so I could give it a chance to help me. VOILA! Nice taste. RESULTS: After drinking 4-8 oz a day for one week, my pain level went from a constant 6-8 with regularly taking pain meds every 4-6 hours to a pain level of 1-2 with taking pain meds only when needed, which is now only 1-3 times in 24 hours. I will be ordering more. Thanks for your amazing product." - Sharon R. White

    "I’m a type 1 diabetic with gastroparesis. Unfortunately that means when the gastroparesis flares up, I tend to get dehydrated pretty quickly and often end up in the ER requiring fluids. This product has been amazing at rehydrating me quickly and efficiently - while I can’t say the packets make me feel back at 100%, they definitely make me feel well enough where I no longer need to make a visit to the ER, and that’s good enough for me! I appreciate that these packets only contain 3.7g of dextrose, and believe the taste isn’t nearly as bad as some have made it out to be - if you’re on the fence, I would 100% recommend trying out this product!" - Holly


    "I had gastric bypass surgery and also have migraines with severe nausea. On the roughest days I cannot get my fluids in due to the nausea and become dehydrated quickly. I worked with Dr. Dery to find the right solution for me and it worked perfectly! Now my chiropractor encourages his elderly patients to use the Banana Bag Oral Solution when they can't get their fluids in, too!" - Dawn


    "I suffer from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which often leaves me bed ridden and depleted. I use Banana Bag to help me maintain my energy levels when I go out or have to complete tasks and chores; I also take it as a recovery aid. IT WORKS PEOPLE!
    This product has completely changed my ability to complete multiple tasks in a day, and helps me recover from fatigue symptoms quickly. I love love LOVE banana bag. I carry a sachet in my purse everywhere!
    I cant recommend these electrolytes enough, give them a go." - Jessica


    "I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) as well as CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome) ans when I first started drinking this I was taking between 5 and 10 medications per day to control all of my symptoms. The first time I tried this I was in the middle of a 5 day flare up. Within 3 hours of drinking it I started feeling better. By the next morning I was back at work after missing 2 days of work. I haven’t had a flare up in 3 months! And I’m down to 1 daily med." - Taylor W.


    "Thank you for keeping us and our crew hydrated and able to function while working 18 hour days...often on 4 hours of sleep, traveling through jungles and spending nine plus hours a day on boats with no shade! I had one a day and gave them out like hotcakes to our team. I will definitely get some more for the upcoming trips. They're terrific for travel and especially when you work long hours on little sleep in foreign climates!" - Kinga Phillips, Travel Channel