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Hydration at its finest

I'm a huge supporter of banana bag. I've used every Hydration product over the years. Working as a field welder I'm in the elements of summer and winter, staying hydrated is very important. Our regular safety meeting include Hydration. Banana Bag helps greatly with muscle cramps, headaches. Great product. 💯

The perfect hydration solution

My husband and I live in the the brutally hot temperatures of the Arizona desert. He works with no air conditioning and I do yardwork in the high temps.
This is the ONLY product that keeps us perfectly hydrated. No other sports drink can compare. Within 15 minutes of drinking, we feel much better. I highly recommend BBOS for anyone that sweats!

Great flavor

Love the new sweetened flavor. The plain one was very difficult to drink for me, so this makes taking it a breeze.

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Sweet Orange
Jordan Smith (Lawrenceburg, US)
Works better then advertised!!!

If your feeling dehydrated grab one of these packs and get back on your feet!!!

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Sweet Orange
Maureen Welch (Pensacola, US)
Love the New Flavor.

The new orange flavor is great. It's my new favorite!!!

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Sweet Orange
JOSHUA Tichenor (Orlando, US)

Best hydration product on the market, I’m a firefighter, and this helps get me hydrated when I need it the most!

BBOS Subscribe and Save - Sweet Orange
evilamy (Hendersonville, US)
Helps with My Cluster Headaches

I have no idea why this helps and your mileage may vary, but I find that this helps reduce my occasional cluster headaches well enough that I don't have to take my migraine medication as often. This has been super helpful!

BBOS Subscribe and Save - Sweet Orange
Smoove Friday (Portland, US)
Inaccurate ordering

Everything is amazing as always. haven’t had a single problem with the product except I was very clear and intentional about ordering a subscription to both mixtures available but was only sent one. As waiting for the first subscription delivery before I call someone. But yeah. Just that.

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Sweet Orange
Monique Ray (North Las Vegas, US)
Great New Taste

Thank you 🙏

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Sweet Orange
Greg Fuller (Murfreesboro, US)
Truth in Advertising!

I received a 3 pack of the new orange flavor. Myself, my adult son and his girlfriend each tried one Saturday morning after his 25th bday party the night before. We all agreed that we could feel the supplement going to work within minutes. And we all felt refreshed and ready to go apple picking! And we all agree that the new flavor tastes just like an orange Flintstone chewable vitamin we all had as kids. Thank you BBOS, you have a customer for life!

Works great real life saver

5 stars! Flavor & Effectivenness & Easy

I feel so much better after taking this stuff. The flavor is … different… I like the flavor … maybe not sweet enough for some people but they should add a bit of stevia sweetener. Especially since this stuff can give you your life back. I have vasovagal syncope ( neuro cardiogenic syncope) and before Banana Bag O.S. I couldn’t have a life, doing anything was a struggle. This stuff is a game changer for the better for me.

Helps my dehydration in the desert

I live in the desert and have several autoimmune diseases which cause dehydration/low blood volume, and I tend to pass out when I stand up. Along with adding salt to my diet, drinking one or two banana bag solution drinks per day has helped me regulate my fluids and prevent having to get weekly IV treatments. (Much better than Gatorade which almost gave me diabetes).

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Sweet Orange
Taylor Faye Baxter (Chicago, US)

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Sweet Orange

Very Effective

I am a heavy exertional sweater and dehydrate easily. Even if I’m drinking water I end up feeling bad by the end of the day. Recently we were smacked by Hurricane Ian and I had a ton of cleanup to do outside. I drank a water bottle with a BBoS in it every morning and did not have that run-down feeling later in the day. It definitely works. As a side note, I’ve found it helps lessen or prevent some of the feelings associated with a hangover, as well! Good stuff.

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Unsweetened Lemon-Lime

BBOS Subscribe and Save - Unsweetened Lemon-lime
Amy Frago (Sainte Genevieve, US)
Game changer!

My daughter has POTS and EDS. Banana Bags keep her hydrated and we can avoid trips to the ER for i.v. bags!

Back to functional

I drink this every morning. I’ve had issues since I got COVID 2+ years ago. This has been one of the only things to help relieve my biggest symptom (tachycardia upon low level of exertion) I’m less tired most days. Highly recommend

Mix it with OJ - Works great

The taste isn't great with water. It works fine though mixed with a little OJ. Gives me energy stopped needing caffeine.

Best Product on the market!

I used to suffer from leg cramps after a day on the disc golf course. More hills = higher chance of cramping. Since using Banana bag as my pre round routine, I have not suffered any leg cramping and the heat drain during the summer months in TX is reduced. Easy to mix and use. Great product! Stay hydrated!

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Unsweetened Lemon-Lime
Christy Machado (Bakersfield, US)
Taste gross

Could not tolerate the taste. Others in the house agreed that the taste was not palatable.

Sweet Orange coming soon!

Great Product

Banana Bag Oral Solution, Unsweetened Lemon-Lime
Catherine Mick (Cape Coral, US)
I felt like a raisin

This is it right here. This turned me back in to a crisp juicy grape that wasn’t eating her feelings or napping in the middle of the day anymore. I live in the sweatshine state, I have 3 kids and a physically demanding job: I am always some level of dehydrated and I’ve tried every potion and brew I could find to make it so my tongue wasn’t sticking to the sides of my mouth 5 min after walking outside and I’ll say it again this is it right here.


Banana bags are my go to as a set medic whenever one of my crew is suffering from heat exhaustion. I’ve been doing this 20 years, tried every electrolyte out there and Banana Bags are by and far the most effective at bringing patients back from the brink.

It Really Works

It's best to drink it with very cold water. It literally makes you feel better within mins. I always keep them on hand now.