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Banana Bag Oral Solution
Laura M (Williamstown, US)
Game Changer!

I was diagnosed with POTS 6 years ago and have really struggled with staying hydrated and getting enough vitamins in. I tried many different hydration packets and the Banana Bags work the best! They’ve been a HUGE help, especially on bad days or during flare ups. I don’t go anywhere without a packet now!

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Katie (Cuyahoga Falls, US)
Tastes Terrible

I only had 1/4 of a packet to 32oz water and could not get past the first sip. The taste is just awful.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Ivan Dobrev (Key West, US)

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Sandi Newman (Atlanta, US)
Great stuff

I was surprised at how quick I received my order (2 days). I use Banana Bag solution 3 or 4 times weekly and really love the product. I feel more energized and productive.

The best!!

My children & I have POTS. We dehydrate easily. Drinking a 32 oz of water every other day with 1 packet of Banana bag, has helped us tremendously. Thanks to the vitamins & electrolytes in it, my sons are able to carry on a full time job without passing out. I have more good days than bad now. I would recommend this to anyone that has issues keeping hydrated.

Great Stuff

I continue to use this product week after week for recovery and hydration.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Brandy Davenport (Long Beach, US)
I don't go a day without it!

I started using Banana Bag Oral IV when a client recommended them to me to combat dehydration. It was meant to be a temporary solution for a heat wave, but I've noticed such a huge difference taking Banana Bag that it's become a regular part of my daily routine. I notice much fewer issues with dehydration (less faint, dizzy) and as a bonus, my usually brittle nails have become noticeably stronger and healthier.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Belinda Sandridge
Get your energy back

This stuff is amazing. If you’re feeling drained from working out in the heat or from being sick, this stuff will have you back feeling good with more energy. Don’t drink after lunch or you will still be going at midnight. No jitters just feeling refreshed. BelindaS

Banana Bag Oral Solution
martin myers (Terre Haute, US)
Heart palpitations

Caused PVCs for days

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Maie Liiv (Toronto, CA)
does what it says it will do

using during recovery from long Covid

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Benny Parrish (Tishomingo, US)

This is the best thing for dehydration money can buy without a prescription …

Subscription Will Change Your Life

I have BBOS delivered every 3 weeks. It has been years since I’ve felt so good. Cravings in general are a thing of the past, I drink a ton of water and overall my health is improving. Autoimmune disorders have few answers most of the time & so I’ve been trying to be healthier taking in to account a limited ability to do hard exercise and BBOS truly works wonders. I am truly thrilled I found this product.


big big big fan of this stuff. I first tried it at a medical conference for my Dysautonomia and have been hooked ever since! I've tried soooo many hydration drinks/mixes and nothing compares to this one. HOWEVER it is very very gross tasting, it's honestly almost a deal breaker its so bad. luckily i put it through my feeding tube so i dont have to deal with that anymore haha. But making it cold, adding honey and drinking it out of a straw helps a lot!!!! It's a major post IVIG staple for me. Helps sooo much with headaches/migraines too!!

POTS, a good summer coming.

Since I started using Banana Bag, I no longer dread summer. Even a dx of metastatic breast cancer cannot keep me down. Banana Bag goes with me. My un-secret to keep me going where I need to go. Thank you, Dr. Brian. The medicine from home in my medical record, and permitted in the hospital, in the ER, at appts, and encouraged.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Kem Morgan (Raleigh, US)
What an elixir!

I feel so good after drinking my banana bag. I recommend it to everyone!

Love this product

This stuff is great to get you hydrated in the morning. I've been using it for years and will continue my monthly subscription to help me stay healthy and hydrated.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Jennifer Salimbene (Phoenix, US)
Blessing in a Bag

I live in NM where the climate is incredibly dry and harsh. Couple that with never drinking enough water and I am a dehydrated disaster. Anyway, ever since I began drinking Banana Bags my skin is better and I am less fatigued. Good stuff, highly recommend.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
John Venturino (Concord, US)
Small sample size, but not noticeably superior

This product was recommended by a person whom I trust and who I judge as having the experience to gauge the effectiveness of this product. I cannot say it was noticeably superior to other similar products that purport to restore electrolyte balance after prolonged strenuous activity. What I can report is that after consuming a total of 5 liters of solution totaling 10 packets of BB, my urine had the exact same color and smell as the BB solution going in. Not sure what if anything that reflects, only I have not experienced this with other similar electrolyte replacement products, including NUUN, Gatorade, HEED and a few others. NUUN is that I most often used and this has never been the case.

Recovery in a flash

I bought Banana Bag for 2 reasons and it worked amazingly for both!

First my husband has MS and was looking for something that would help him on the down days with fatigue.

Second my son is an Elite travel lacrosse goalie that takes his body to the limit playing 5-7 games in a weekend. Banana bag has helped him hydrate and energize and keep the mental clarity that he needs. Made it to the quarter finals for state!

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Laurie Jones (Strongsville, US)

Had coupon for 10 percent off and it did not get applied and wrote I. Abs no reaponse

Banana Bag Oral Solution
ricky lesser (Manhattan Beach, US)
Life savers !!!!

These little bags have truly pulled me back from the brink of sunstroke, dehydration and all around Lethargy. It’s a must have on any surf trip or outing and will make you look like a Jedi when you help someone else out when they are struggling hard.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Pablo Cruz (Helotes, US)
My Savior!

I compete in tennis and most of my tournaments are in Texas which means HOT and Humid so you can count on cramps and dehydration. I learned from a long time ago to be ready and prepared after a scary incident where I had to go to the emergency room. After that, I always carry them with me.

This Is A Must-Have For My Autoimmune Disorder

I didn’t expect much when I originally decided to try Banana Bag Oral Solution. It tastes similar to Emergen-C to me & I figured it would be the same. It wasn’t. From the first day I used it, I felt better than I had in a long time. Thinking it was possibly something else, I kept taking it & all I can say is I genuinely feel better than I’ve felt in years. I drink a ton of water & I don’t drink sodas even before this, but the vitamins in this solution genuinely changed my life. I typically use 2 packs a day, which is expensive, but I’ve found nothing that works the way Banana Bag does. While I wish it was a bit cheaper (I get 30 every 3 weeks) I can’t say it doesn’t work. It has changed my life. Thank you!

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Goodstuff (Graniteville, US)
Excellent product that really works

During the pandemic, we wanted to avoid ERs as much as possible, but our daughter's postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome kept rearing its ugly head. Thank God for Banana Bags! They kept her out of the ER several times.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
MA (Birmingham, US)
Great all of the way around

We love Banana Bags! They give us that little extra bit of energy often needed and definitely make waking up much easier in the hitting snooze!! Fast and prompt fulfillment and shipping is a huge plus. We will continue to purchase and drink Banana Bags!!