Banana Bag Oral Solution Counter-Top Display Box

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Customer Reviews

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Laura M (Williamstown, US)
Game Changer!

I was diagnosed with POTS 6 years ago and have really struggled with staying hydrated and getting enough vitamins in. I tried many different hydration packets and the Banana Bags work the best! They’ve been a HUGE help, especially on bad days or during flare ups. I don’t go anywhere without a packet now!

Katie (Cuyahoga Falls, US)
Tastes Terrible

I only had 1/4 of a packet to 32oz water and could not get past the first sip. The taste is just awful.

Ivan Dobrev (Key West, US)

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Sandi Newman (Atlanta, US)
Great stuff

I was surprised at how quick I received my order (2 days). I use Banana Bag solution 3 or 4 times weekly and really love the product. I feel more energized and productive.

Ann B.
The best!!

My children & I have POTS. We dehydrate easily. Drinking a 32 oz of water every other day with 1 packet of Banana bag, has helped us tremendously. Thanks to the vitamins & electrolytes in it, my sons are able to carry on a full time job without passing out. I have more good days than bad now. I would recommend this to anyone that has issues keeping hydrated.

Brendan C (New York, US)
Great Stuff

I continue to use this product week after week for recovery and hydration.

Brandy Davenport (Long Beach, US)
I don't go a day without it!

I started using Banana Bag Oral IV when a client recommended them to me to combat dehydration. It was meant to be a temporary solution for a heat wave, but I've noticed such a huge difference taking Banana Bag that it's become a regular part of my daily routine. I notice much fewer issues with dehydration (less faint, dizzy) and as a bonus, my usually brittle nails have become noticeably stronger and healthier.

Belinda Sandridge
Get your energy back

This stuff is amazing. If you’re feeling drained from working out in the heat or from being sick, this stuff will have you back feeling good with more energy. Don’t drink after lunch or you will still be going at midnight. No jitters just feeling refreshed. BelindaS

martin myers (Terre Haute, US)
Heart palpitations

Caused PVCs for days

Maie Liiv (Toronto, CA)
does what it says it will do

using during recovery from long Covid