Banana Bag Oral Solution Counter-Top Display Box

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Customer Reviews

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Benny Parrish (Tishomingo, US)

This is the best thing for dehydration money can buy without a prescription …

zoe (Capitola, US)

big big big fan of this stuff. I first tried it at a medical conference for my Dysautonomia and have been hooked ever since! I've tried soooo many hydration drinks/mixes and nothing compares to this one. HOWEVER it is very very gross tasting, it's honestly almost a deal breaker its so bad. luckily i put it through my feeding tube so i dont have to deal with that anymore haha. But making it cold, adding honey and drinking it out of a straw helps a lot!!!! It's a major post IVIG staple for me. Helps sooo much with headaches/migraines too!!

Jo-Ann Dwyer
POTS, a good summer coming.

Since I started using Banana Bag, I no longer dread summer. Even a dx of metastatic breast cancer cannot keep me down. Banana Bag goes with me. My un-secret to keep me going where I need to go. Thank you, Dr. Brian. The medicine from home in my medical record, and permitted in the hospital, in the ER, at appts, and encouraged.

Kem Morgan (Raleigh, US)
What an elixir!

I feel so good after drinking my banana bag. I recommend it to everyone!

Brendan C
Love this product

This stuff is great to get you hydrated in the morning. I've been using it for years and will continue my monthly subscription to help me stay healthy and hydrated.

Jennifer Salimbene (Phoenix, US)
Blessing in a Bag

I live in NM where the climate is incredibly dry and harsh. Couple that with never drinking enough water and I am a dehydrated disaster. Anyway, ever since I began drinking Banana Bags my skin is better and I am less fatigued. Good stuff, highly recommend.

John Venturino (Concord, US)
Small sample size, but not noticeably superior

This product was recommended by a person whom I trust and who I judge as having the experience to gauge the effectiveness of this product. I cannot say it was noticeably superior to other similar products that purport to restore electrolyte balance after prolonged strenuous activity. What I can report is that after consuming a total of 5 liters of solution totaling 10 packets of BB, my urine had the exact same color and smell as the BB solution going in. Not sure what if anything that reflects, only I have not experienced this with other similar electrolyte replacement products, including NUUN, Gatorade, HEED and a few others. NUUN is that I most often used and this has never been the case.

T.P. (Seattle, US)
Recovery in a flash

I bought Banana Bag for 2 reasons and it worked amazingly for both!

First my husband has MS and was looking for something that would help him on the down days with fatigue.

Second my son is an Elite travel lacrosse goalie that takes his body to the limit playing 5-7 games in a weekend. Banana bag has helped him hydrate and energize and keep the mental clarity that he needs. Made it to the quarter finals for state!

Laurie Jones (Strongsville, US)

Had coupon for 10 percent off and it did not get applied and wrote I. Abs no reaponse

ricky lesser (Manhattan Beach, US)
Life savers !!!!

These little bags have truly pulled me back from the brink of sunstroke, dehydration and all around Lethargy. It’s a must have on any surf trip or outing and will make you look like a Jedi when you help someone else out when they are struggling hard.