Bariatric Pal Partnership

Bariatric Pal Partnership

Banana Bag Oral Solution recently partnered with to offer our products to customers struggling with dehydration post-operatively. This is an important area of interest to many people in the community. Its owner, Alex Brecher, is constantly searching for new ways to help his audience, many of whom are dealing with numerous health-related concerns. He welcomed Banana Bag Oral Solution onto the platform recently in hopes helping as many people as possible. 

Our team at Banana Bag Oral Solution loves this partnership because it is a way to continue educating the world about the benefits of medical-grade hydration. created an informative community to help patients who have had bariatric surgery by offering blogs, forums and products to help make their journey easier. They also offer monthly subscription boxes which includes samples of various products that customers can try before buying. (Keep on the lookout for Banana Bag in upcoming subscriptions!)

So where did the Banana Bag fit in? When patients are post-op from bariatric surgery, or any surgery in general, it is important for them to stay hydrated. Before reaching out to Alex, we scanned through the forums and noticed a theme of dehydration happening among many of the commentators. There was mention of the importance of "Banana Bags" but this term was only being used in relation to actual IVs found in a hospital setting. Just imagining what it would be like to just have major surgery, only to then have to return to the hospital for IV therapy just from becoming dehydrated, causes waves of stress. On top of that, we all know the cost of healthcare is high and seems to be rising faster each year. The Banana Bag Oral Solution provides a potential solution to people who want to avoid travel, cost, and unnecessary needle sticks. 

Along with that, research of bariatrics and the post-op patients reveals many other troubling occurrences. One thing we found interesting is that many things consumed post-op are now a different experience for most people than years ago. Items that were once mild in flavor and enjoyable are now “intolerable” to many people. The need for something neutral was there and after hearing other hydration solutions were "too sweet" to consume, Banana Bag Oral Solution felt like a great fit. With no added sugars, dyes, colors or flavors we offer the neutral option to effective hydration. 

Overall, the need to stay hydrated after bariatric surgery is mandatory. The product options to help these patients are lacking to an extent. We are happy to offer any support or education about our product to those who are recovering from bariatric surgery.

One other very exciting piece of this partnership is the discount offered on the website. Between now and August 31, 2021, visitors on who subscribe to one of the Banana Bag Oral Solution products will receive 15% off their first purchase! Simply use the code BANANA15 at checkout to begin.