Learn About the POTS Organizations BBOS is Helping

Learn About the POTS Organizations BBOS is Helping

Banana Bag Oral Solution is proud to partner with organizations that support chronic illness communities and October is an important time of the year for these initiatives. This month is recognized as Dysautonomia Awareness Month. As you probably already know, POTS is a form of dysautonomia, a disorder of the autonomic nervous system. We support amazing groups that help people dealing with POTS such as DINET and Standing Up to POTS. These organizations help educate, fund research, and provide support to those battling chronic illness. This month we are excited to share more about these great organizations and how BBOS plans to help.


The Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support for people living with dysautonomia and providing greater awareness & education to the medical community.  

DINET provides:

  • An informative website and quarterly newsletter
  • Distribute information about Dysautonomia and POTS to medical practices and support groups.
  • Online support through moderated forums for patients and caregivers. Used to meet similar individuals facing struggles related to Dysautonomia and other chronic illnesses.
  • Medical Advisors who answer questions from members and offer evidence based medical information to DINET for use through the website.
  • Volunteers who answer questions from readers on the forum, website and social media platforms.
  • DINET also provides a database of physicians specializing and treating people with Dysautonomia as well as a list of support groups. 

This year we have sponsored DINET in offering a 4-part YouTube series featuring the leading doctors treating POTS & Dysautonomia. To check that out click here.

Standing Up to POTS

Standing Up to POTS was founded by Dr. Cathy Pederson in 2014 after her daughter was diagnosed with POTS. Standing Up to POTS was created to generate a community who can support each other while pushing forward understanding of POTS. 

Standing Up to POTS provides:

  • Funding to Innovative POTS research. Already awarding $258,684 in POTS research.
  • Advocacy to advance the understanding of POTS.
  • Support for families living with POTS.
  • Annual Standing Up to POTS 5k/2k.
  • Raising awareness in Thrivent Magazine.

This year Banana Bag Oral Solution is sponsoring their annual 5k/2k! The registration for this virtual or in person event can be found by clicking here.

These are just two of the amazing organizations helping people with POTS that Banana Bag Oral Solution supports. During October, we are donating a portion of sales back to these groups. When you use code DYS2021 you can receive 20% off of your order for 5 and 15 packs of Banana Bag Oral Solution and Banana Bag Pediatric Oral Solution.