New Partnership with SurfAid

New Partnership with SurfAid

The team at Banana Bag Oral Solution is excited to announce a new partnership SurfAid aimed at bringing aid to families in remote locations around the globe. 

SurfAid's mission is to improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of families living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing. As part of the partnership, funds will be directed to SurfAid's Mother and Child Health programs, ensuring remote communities have access to clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, improved nutrition and economic opportunities. BBOS is also providing product for SurfAid Cup competitors to help them stay hydrated on the beach.

The SurfAid organization got its start in the exact same place that Banana Bag did -- the Mentawai Islands. This remote area is 100 miles West of Sumatra in Indonesia. Similarly, we at Banana Bag have always been passionate about two things: Helping peoples' bodies function properly through our rehydration & vitamin therapy formulas and surfing. Surfing actually plays a pivotal part of our story --Dr. Brian Dery, our founder, is an avid surfer and came up with the idea for an Oral Rehydration Solution after several dehydration-induced wipeouts on a surfing trip to Indonesia.

Brian had this to say about the partnership, “This is a dream come true. I've been wanting to make a meaningful contribution to SurfAid since I was a teenager! Now, 20 years later, I have a company that supports their cause, and their health! Double STOKED!”

A lot of the work that SurfAid does in these far-flung communities involves providing safe, clean water. With Banana Bag's focus on products providing fast rehydration, this partnership is a natural fit. To launch this exciting new endeavor, we're offering 15% off your next purchase with promo code SURFAID15. A portion of the proceeds from anyone using this promo code will go toward SurfAid's work around the world. So in other words, you save money AND you get to help make a difference!

This code is only valid once per customer, so go ahead and stock up now to make a difference.