Partnership Announcement: Nurses with Purpose

Partnership Announcement: Nurses with Purpose

For over a year now we have been working on a partnership with Nurses with Purpose. Through the pandemic, we relentlessly forged a plan to work together to do what is best for the patients we serve once the mission work picked back up. As healthcare workers, we saw the importance of partnering with an organization like this. With the help of Elaine Alston, Founder and Director of Nurses with Purpose, we were able to officially announce our partnership and what we plan to do together in the future. 

Nurses with Purpose is a volunteer organization that hosts medical missions for a diversity of nurses to aid in helping patients in underdeveloped regions of South Africa, Guatemala, Congo and Kenya. Their volunteer work is not limited to medical missions but also to disaster relief, outreach programs and volunteer events on location. The vision and mission of NWP is to provide care and sustainability to a wide demographic of people. From elderly care to orphanage assistance. The team of NWP live by the mission statement:

“To enrich the lives of others, as we enrich the lives of ourselves through meaningful experiences created through the power of giving…” 

When on mission, the nurses help aid the clinics with staffing and help care for villages by administering treatment. The nurses no longer fall under their typical job description but are taught, on the job, responsibilities of doctors and how to treat patients. With different specialties (mental health, mother and baby, ER, HIV/AIDS clinic) all within the same clinic their duties are not limited to: 

  • Administration (Documents, Intake, etc.) 
  • Delivering Babies & Postpartum Care 
  • Sutures & Wound Care 
  • Trauma 
  • Write Prescriptions 
  • Order labs 
  • Refer patients to specialists 

While on a recent trip to South Africa, NWP partnered with the local Witkoppen Health and Welfare Clinic, to help aid their mobile medical unit. The mobile medical unit is able to see patients in remote villages who are not able to travel. On the mobile unit they are able to triage patients, ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, in order to provide accurate care. The unit is responsible for consultations, checking vitals, as well as physical assessments and treatments, such as administering vaccinations and medications. 

Our partnership with Nurses with Purpose is important because it aids a mission that we are passionate about as well. This partnership for us was a no brainer and something we are officially excited to announce. Elaine Alston graciously provided her feedback on the partnership by saying the following.  

“We at Nurses with Purpose, Inc. are so grateful for the partnership with Banana Bag Oral Solution. The high-dose water soluble vitamin drink is an easy solution that works well during our medical missions especially in extreme heat. It also serves as a great pick me up, packing energy and giving a boost to help us get through our day.

Having partnerships where synergies align with well being means so much to us. Staying healthy, strong and well hydrated during a mission means we will be more impactful and help those in need to our full capacity.”

This month BBOS will be raising money to provide assistance for NWP next mission to South Africa in August 2021. At checkout, please use code NWP15 for 15% off 5 and 15 packs. (Valid only the month of July.) 


To learn more about Nurses with Purpose and to sign up for future missions please visit their website at