A Clinically-Focused, Oral Alternative to IV Therapy

Banana Bag Oral Solution is a high-potency B-vitamin supplement.

A clinical study conducted on BBOS showed significant absorption of the 4 vitamins tested. Most importantly, there was statistically significant absorption of the B6 and B12 vitamins.

Banana Bag Oral Solution also restores the body back to normal hydration status.

Thiamine (B1) 8,333% DV; Riboflavin (B2) 769% DV; Niacinamide (B3) 250% DV; METHYLcobalamin (B12) 10,417% DV; L-METHYLfolate (B9) 333% DV; Pyridoxine (B6) 882% DV; D-Biotin (B7) 1000% DV; Pantothenate (B5) 300% DV; Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin-C) 833% DV

High-dose B-vitamins dissolved in a watery electrolyte solution ensures a therapeutic amount is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Sodium Chloride (and a little potassium)

When the body is clinically dehydrated, absorption of water through the gut is increased significantly with a delicately balanced formula of electrolytes. Sodium being the most important here, and dependent on glucose (from dextrose) for entry into the bloodstream via the Na+/glucose cotransport system. Along with sodium, goes water. The sodium:dextrose ratio used in BBOS is this same proven formula that treats dehydration by mouth and decreases the need for IV therapy.

Organic Dextrose Monohydrate

Sugar! Yes, sugar in the form of dextrose (100% metabolized to glucose) works with sodium to activate the Na+/glucose cotransporter system. When properly exposed to a precise ratio of sodium & glucose, this transport system can significantly decrease the need for IV treatment of dehydration by allowing rapid absorption of sodium and water through the GI tract and into the bloodstream.

One packet reconstituted in 250 - 500 mL of water yields 17.8 mEq of sodium and only 18 mMol of dextrose (410 mg sodium / 3.7 grams dextrose).

By having a 1:1 mMol ratio of sodium to glucose, we now have an osmolarity range in the gut of 120 to 240 mOsm/L. This formula significantly reduces the need for IV dehydration treatment.

What does all this mean? A clinically-focused oral re-hydration solution can allow the body to absorb water very efficiently through the GI system and into the bloodstream. Thus providing the following benefits without the need for intravenous access:

Heart Rate

Increase In
Blood Volume

Increase In
Thermal Cooling

Restore Sense
Of Balance


No artificial flavors

No dyes

No preservatives

No unnecessary sugars or sweeteners


No gluten